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Our Oil & Gas Expertise

Business and operational complexities in the Energy industry seem to be increasing and accelerating and there is an increasing value being placed on safety, regulatory compliance and a growing need for new business models.

Our key competence and focus area within Oil & Gas is on enabling the Marine component related to upstream Oil & Gas services, with marine practice specialists delivering business value across the entire life cycle of any initiative, which includes assessment and advisory capabilities, solution design and architecting, integration and deployment, and finally operations and support to sustain long term results.


Training & Compliance Plaform



Vessel Vetting & Vessel Inspection platform

Join the digital adopters in Oil & Gas

Efficient operations and better compliance

Health, safety, and the environment remain among the top priorities for oil and gas companies, reflecting an attitude of zero tolerance for accidents. There is an intense focus on safety and environmental risk preparedness and mitigation which continues to become more and more crucial for HSE managers.


Experion implements a transformative and adaptive iLearningEngines engagement system, using which, HSE managers can now create powerful engagement and training tools to train personnel in organization specific safety and awareness mechanisms.


HSE Managers can deploy iLearningEngines into deep-sea operations and manage training and assessments specific to operations, projects or contractors.


Customized curriculum can be created using our extensive library of SCORM compliance content.


HSE managers can also use existing documents, manuals and in-house training content and share with personnel.

Offline mode for remote oil rigs with no connectivity

Remote onboarding of employees

AI powered access to information and company policies

Our vetting platform has a key role in supply chain operations, helping our due diligence customers eliminate the non-compliant options from their logistic chain and personal marine assurance profile, in turn ensuring cargo is moved safely. Terminal operators use Experion’s vetting platform to encourage safer vessels to enter their terminal and record a full audit trail to substantiate decision making.


Our global customers use our cloud based solution, iShield to liaise with key contacts across the industry and request any additional documentation. Digital vessel vetting service maintains your vetting records and data securely in the cloud.


All vet request outcomes associated with your iShield account are date and time stamped when your vet is complete, and cannot be altered.


Coming in at a fraction of the cost of building your own system, using our vetting service saves on the ongoing cost of development and maintenance in-house.

Address unique requirements of your Oil & Gas software requirements

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