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Digital Transformation

Digital enterprise consulting

As change gears up to become the new normal, there is a constant need for Business strategy to be aligned with functional transformation. This sets new benchmarks on Consulting and puts the focus on an organizations ability to address its ever changing customer needs, consolidate market positions and also expand into new markets and geographies.

From digital to intelligent enterprise

Our digital transformation expertise is a key differentiator at Experion. In our role as a Trusted advisor, Experion has delivered value through innovation, helping support disruptive growth and scalable operating models for our valued clients. Our key industry domains are Healthcare, Retail & Distribution, Insurance, Marine, Aviation and Oil & Gas.

Digital Enterprise Solutions

Artificial Intelligence powered automation

Machine learning consulting helps companies deploy ML algorithms trained with corporate data to automate and optimize various business processes. With solid expertise in the ML domain, Experion helps enterprises personalize recommendations for customers, detect fraud, predict churn, and more.

Learning Automation solution

Create, own and rapidly deploy enterprise-wide knowledge IP assets to support your business. Our platform can ingest, process and augment content in any format from internal and external repositories. Isolate and correct sub-optimal processes through event triggers, cognitive decision-making, learning automation  and intelligent data extraction.

Business Process Management

Extend your existing enterprise applications with comprehensive enterprise content management capabilities,including management, workflow, records management and intelligent document capture. eBA workflow integrates your people, systems, data and action. In essence, eBA allows organizations to WORK SMARTER, brings in efficiency across process touch points, empowering visibility to the process stake holder to the progress of the process within the organization.

Transform your enterprise

with intelligent software from Experion

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