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iShield Vessel Vetting

End to End solution for Vessel Vetting

Vessel Vetting is a risk assessment process carried out by charterers and terminal operators in order to avoid making use of deficient ships or barges when goods are being transported by sea or by inland waterways. Vessel vetting ensures organizations do not run the risk of using substandard vessels that can lead to incurring of major costs incurred due to casualties (minor or severe) - human, environmental or commercial, delays due to in-port inspections and regulatory non-compliance.

Integrated solution

Ship vetting involves sourcing data on ships and evaluating the potential risks such as the ship's structural integrity, competence of owners, managers and crew, past casualties and incidents. As a chartering company, shipping company or a terminal depot, if you use third-party vessels or barges it is essential to ensure management of all safety, quality and environmental risks adequately in addition to ensuring compliance with stringent legislation.

Digital Vetting - harnessing the latest technology to deliver reliable, timely recommendations.


Experion offers i-Shield a state-of-the art ship vetting system to help you manage risks and confirm the compliance of any third-party vessels or barges that you use. Our Software Solution facilitates desk-evaluation of multiple sources for the possible approval or acceptance of third-party vessels or barges.

The Solution allows you to measure observations received from external sources, record own observations, score and analyze to ensure the suitability and compliance of all third-party vessels or barges for cargo operations in port and transportation of products.

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Cloud based record keeping

Maintains your vetting records and data securely in the cloud. All vet request outcomes associated with your iShield account are date and time stamped when your vet is complete, and cannot be altered. Coming in at a fraction of the cost of building your own system, using our vetting system saves on the ongoing cost of development and maintenance in-house.

The sophisticated vetting rules engine searches and returns the required data from iShield’s proprietary database, integrated with more than 16 data integration platforms.


Class Status

HRA clearance

Terminal Safety




Operator Performance

Emission monitoring and voyage

Crew Matrix

Casualty & Incident Reports

Location Clearance

Sanction monitoring and clearance


Terminal Feedback

Carbon foot print

Real Time position monitoring using AIS feeds

Address unique requirements with Experion’s scalable Vessel Vetting

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