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iLearningEngines - Enterprise Intelligent Platform

Learning Automation

iLearningEngines is an Enterprise Intelligent Platform that drives learning automation and outcomes at scale by leveraging existing enterprise applications and proprietary AI.

Information Intelligence Platform

Transforming data into intelligence by drilling down to insights and powering informed decisions to drive business outcomes at scale​. Empowering business to thrive at scale, by enabling the bandwidth for bigger thinking, with actionable data and easy integration

Unleash the true value of the human capital, by supercharged operations, minimized learning gaps & protected institutional IP at scale

Build Knowledge Clouds

A single repository of all Enterprise content owned and available to manage as company IP​

Design Business Workflows

Address Enterprise specific gaps by driving custom process automation and personalized learning prescriptions​

Empower Intelligent Decisions

Using information intelligence to drive predictive and preventive action/remedies​

Drive learning in the flow of work

Integrates with enterprise applications, captures event triggers and drive learning anytime, anywhere on any device on  omni-channel delivery channels.

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Related solutions by industry

iLearningEngines for EduTech

A comprehensive e-learning platform that integrates with school systems to transform student performance and teacher engagement, and amplifies educational outcomes.

Learning with Tablets
Computer Class

iLearningEngines for Enterprise

An AI-enriched Learning and Engagement platform that personalizes employee engagement. iLearningEngines helps you boost morale, reduce employee attrition and craft hassle-free and intelligent e-commerce journeys for consumers.

iLearningEngines for Insurance

iLE helps insurance companies address key industry challenges — from underwriting and reinsurance to product marketing and claims. Customer experience is enhanced with immediate claim processing, protection against human error and pay-out based on profile.

Insurance Agent
Oil derrick

iLearningEngines for Oil & Gas

An intelligent enterprise platform that drives customized HSE training for the oil and gas sectors — leveraging existing processes and competencies to mitigate risks through organization-specific learning. 

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